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We invite you to familiarise yourself with the wide offer of the Motor Transport Institute’s publications with respect to the compact publications. Most popular to our readers are practical handbooks for transport firms carrying people and goods, materials for transport psychologists, monographs supplementing academic and specialist knowledge. Our works are compiled and published with the greatest care and reviewed by high-class experts and scientists in their field.

Please send orders together with the data and the selected payment method (money transfer, payment on delivery), to the following e-mail address: wydawnictwa@its.waw.pl

Scientific Council of the Motor Transport Institute’s Publications and the "Motor Transport" quarterly

prof. Jerzy Merkisz, Poznań University of Technology, Poland (Chairman of the Scientific Council)

prof. Marcin Ślęzak, Motor Transport Institute, Poland (Deputy Chairman of the Scientific Council)


Peter Bailey, PhD, Instron Dynamic Systems, Buckinghamshire, UK

Mirosław Czech, MSc, General Directorate for National Roads and Motorways , Poland

prof. Ewa Dębicka, Motor Transport Institute, Poland

prof. Pavel Foltin, University of Defense, Brno, Czech Republic

prof. Wojciech Gis, Motor Transport Institute, Poland

prof. Juraj Grenčik, Žilinskă Univerzita, Slovakia

prof. Kamila Hasilowá, University of Defense, Brno, Czech Republic

prof. Vladimir Jurča, Czech University of Life Science, Prague, Czech Republic

prof. Igor Kabashkin, Transport and Telecomunication Institute, Riga, Latvia

prof. Shigeru Kuramoto, Ibaraki University, Japan

prof. Stanisław Kruczyński, Motor Transport Institute, Poland

prof. Kazimierz Lejda, Rzeszów University of Technology, Poland

prof. Bogusław Liberadzki, Warsaw School of Economics, Poland

prof. Radomir M. Mijailović, University of Belgrad, Serbia

prof. Andrzej Niewczas, Motor Transport Institute, Poland

prof. Dalibor Pešić, University of Belgrad, Serbia

prof. Martin Pexa, Czech University of Life Science, Prague, Czech Republic

prof. Tadeusz Szymczak, Motor Transport Institute, Poland

prof. Andrzej Świderski, Motor Transport Institute, Poland

prof. Martin Vlkovský, University of Defense in Brno, Czech Republic


Editorial Board of the Motor Transport Institute’s Publications and the "Motor Transport" quarterly

prof. Marcin Ślęzak, PhD., D.Sc. - Chairman of the Editorial Board

Edward Menes, PhD - Honorary Chairman of the Editorial Board

Anna Dzieniowska, MSc - Secretary of the Editorial Board

Michał Kopacki, MSc - Technical Editor

Tomasz Drecki - Language Editor

Thematic editors

Maria Dąbrowska-Loranc, MSc. - road traffic safety

Paweł Dziedziak, PhD, Eng. - car diagnostics, mobility of people with disabilities

Mikołaj Kruszwski, PhD, Eng. - intelligent transport systems, transport autonomy, economic analysis, transport psychology

Piotr Wiśniowski, PhD, Eng. - environmental protection in transport, mechanical engineering, car drives

Publishing procedure

  1. ITS Publishing house publishes scientific monographs, textbooks, reports, tests catalogues, periodicals, including a scientific quarterly, as well as educational and scientific materials.
  2. The author, when submitting work to the Publisher, is required to provide:

    a) computer printout (text and illustrative material,

    b) an electronic version of the publication consistent with the printout.

  3. Decisions on the matters covered by the publishing procedure are made by the Editorial Board of ITS Publishing house.
  4. A preliminary evaluation of the work is made by the Editorial Board, taking into account, among the others, compliance of the topic of the paper with the profile of the Institute’s activities, originality of the topic of the work, scientific and competency level of the work. The Editorial Board decides which materials will be published.
  5. The condition of accepting the work for publication is obtaining positive scientific reviews prepared in accordance with the review procedure in force at the Publishing House.
  6. The work can be reviewed by one or two reviewers, the choice of reviewer is made by the Publishing house. The result of the scientific review determines if the work will be published.
  7. In the reviewing procedure, the Publishing House follows the guidelines contained in the document- “Good Practices in the Review Procedures in Science”, published in 2011 by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education.
  8. The Publishing house informs the Author about the results of reviews and further publishing procedures.
  9. The Editorial Board, having obtained positive reviews, commissions editorial work and publication of the work.
  10. Depending on the arrangements, the Publishing house may conduct the editorial work in cooperation with the Author.
  11. Following the Author's acceptance of the final version, the work is sent to print.

The procedure may be modified depending on e.g. the reviewer's instructions, detailed arrangements, the need to introduce changes to the content of the publication, etc.

Publication ethics principles

Motor Transport Institute applies publishing ethics principles aimed at counteracting dishonest publishing practices, particularly those in accordance with the guidelines of the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE).

Adherence to the publishing ethics principles involves compliance with the guidelines by both the Publishing house (ITS) and the Authors.

Rules applicable to the Institute:

  1. The Editorial Board decides about the acceptance of the publishing proposal to the plan.
  2. The Institute shall use all available means to prevent plagiarism and publishing false data.
  3. The Institute counteracts ghost-writing (omitting persons who wrote the publication from the list of authors) and guest authorship (attributing authorship to the persons who did not participate in creation of the work).
  4. The Institute undertakes to respect the Authors' personal copyright, and in particular to respect the right to authorship and deciding on the method of marking the authorship, to take care of the reputation and good fame of the authors and the work.
  5. The Institute ensures a reliable and professional publishing process, including the editorial process.
  6. The Institute applies uniform standards of qualifying the works for publication.
  7. The Institute ensures confidentiality and security of the personal data processing.

Rules applicable to the Authors:

  1. The Author is obliged to provide the Publishing house with the original work, which cannot constitute plagiarism and self-plagiarism (publication of the entire or fragments of books published in other publications).
  2. The Author ensures that the copyright transferred to the Institute on the date of its acceptance by the Institute will not be limited by any third party rights, and the use of the work and its disposal by the Institute will not infringe personal rights or the rights of third parties.
  3. In the case of collective works, the Author submitting the publication to be published is required to specify the authorship of individual fragments of the work.

Principles for reviewing texts

  1. The reviewed text must be treated as confidential document. It may not be shown or discussed with others without permission from the editor or an Author.
  2. Reviewers are appointed by the Publisher.
  3. Reviewers should have the knowledge necessary to properly evaluate a given text.
  4. The Author receives the reviews for inspection and is obliged to respond to the reviewer's comments.
  5. The work can be published after obtaining a positive review of a specialist in a given field of knowledge, independent, constituting an authority in a given scientific and research field, with scientific achievements.
  6. The review must be in writing and end with a clear request for admitting the work to publication or its rejection.
  7. The review should take into account the substantive level, originality of theses and legitimacy of the research undertaken, methodology, correctness of the conclusions formulated and the manner of their presentation.
  8. The review should be fair, objective, reliable, constructive, consistent with the knowledge possessed and conducted in a timely manner.
  9. The reviewer is obliged to disclose any plagiarism, suspicion of plagiarism, as well as possible deficiencies in quoting the data.
  10. All contacts between the Author and the reviewer take place exclusively via Publisher until the publication of the work.
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