Distinction for MTI

On May 22-23, 2018, the 11th edition of the Polish ITS Congress (Intelligent Transport Systems) took place in Warsaw.

The organizer of the event was the ITS POLSKA Association. 

Among the guests were the research employees of the Motor Transport Institute, who made the following presentations:

  • Tomasz Kamiński, Małgorzata Pędzierska, Paula Razin - Impact of ITS systems on the road traffic safety and efficiency,
  • Paula Razin - Transfer of control in the vehicles with conditional automation.

On May 22, during the Congress, the LIDER ITS 2018 Awards Gala was held. The Ministry of Infrastructure was the patron of the competition.

The 2018 ITS LEADER statuette awarded for the ninth time distinguished projects and tasks carried out in 2017 in four categories:

  • Best product-device made by ITS companies,
  • Best implementation of the projects/activities by the government agencies, local governments and institutions,
  • Best research and development work,
  • Best graduation theses of a university graduate.

Competition jury selected the following winners of individual thematic categories:

  • The best product-device from the ITS industry:

Motor Transport Institute

The 2018 ITS LEADER statuette was awarded for a multisensory stand for testing human-machine interfaces (HMI, Human-Machine-Interface).

  • The best implementation of the public sector:

General Directorate of National Roads and Motorways

The 2018 ITS LEADER statuette was awarded for the implementation of the service of the National Access Point for information on traffic conditions.

  • The best scientific-research work:

Consortium: Motor Transport Institute, Warsaw University of Technology and Search sp. J.

The 2018 ITS LEADER statuette was awarded for scientific and research work entitled "Innovative simulation technologies for the evaluation of autonomous vehicle driving systems in the aspect of the road safety - (aDRIVE)".

  • The best graduation thesis of a university graduate in the field of ITS

Małgorzata Pędzierska, MSc, Eng.

The 2018 ITS LEADER statuette for the diploma dissertation entitled: "The concept of biometric access control system for the airport" presented at the Faculty of Transport of the Warsaw University of Technology; promoter Asst. Prof. Adam Rosiński, Eng.




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